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Today, drop-off paper shredding services are popular–offered at FedEx, UPS, and major office supply chain stores. Although people have come to accept the notion of drop-off shredding, there is still a big difference in price. Consider you have three boxes; each standard-size file storage box can hold between 20-30 lbs of paper. And when you take these three boxes to the neighborhood office supply store. You will be between $1.00 – $1.50 per pound. The cost to shred three boxes of material at the pound rate will cost between $60 – $75! Whereas Shred It for Less™ is flat-rate pricing at $10.00/box. As you can see, the difference in savings is significant–at 50% or more.

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Determining Price

So … your material is NOT in a standard-size, file storage box. We get it. And it doesn’t matter. For years, people have brought their material in everything from a shoe box to a laundry basket to a wagon.

Given that the box we price by holds between 20 – 30 lbs, you can get an idea. Ultimately, the price estimate is at the discretion of the Norco location.  The on-site manager will look at what you have and provide you with a visual estimate. All told this is a fair practice in getting to an agreed-upon price.

Another gauge that may be used to determine pricing is the shred container. Based on the container size, it can hold between 6 – 8 boxes of material. Container space will vary by the type of material already deposited. For example, file folders take up more room than loose paper and receipts.

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